Tribestyle: Lex’s Costume

Over the next few weeks we are going to profile a few of the costumes used throughout the series. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is Lex’s costume. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.

Lex has been in the Tribe since the beginning and his style has changed a little since the khaki army look that we saw in Series 1.

Lex used to look rugged ang tough but over the series Lex has found he likes to look suave and powerful often in long jackets and leather or denim pants and has added a bit more style to his tribal look.

Lex’s attitude has changed as well. He used to be ruthless and uncaring for anyone but himself. These days we’ve found out he does have a sensitive side even if it only comes out occasionally.

Near the end of Series 3 Lex had a costume change from his denim and yellow baggy pants and black top to this!

It was around the time that the Guardian had been captured and Lex finally had Taisan back for himself. He needed a new look to impress her and help to keep her by his side.

The black fitted v-neck t-shirt is made of black lycra and is a reasonably tight fit – to show off Lex’s great biceps, no doubt! Sewn into the front is a large multi-coloured panel which has a slight snakeskin pattern. Double red stitching is sewn across the panel from top to bottom.

Two panels of the same multi-coloured material with the double red stitching are also sewn on the top of each shoulder.

The top is quite long as it was made to be tucked into his pants and there’s nothing worse when you’re filming if you top keeps coming un-tucked.

With this top he wore cargo pants. They’re made of a fairly lightweight fabric that is stretchy and very soft. The same double red stitching is used on the pants. the stitching goes right round the waist band and pockets and adds details to the front of the pants. Just above the knees are three pleats and down at the calf on both legs are two large pockets – again with the double red stitching.

The pants are done up with a zip and dome and Lex wears a black belt with them.

The Jacket
This jacket is great! It’s made from two main fabrics. The silvery/black fabric is almost plastic like – maybe some type of vinyl. It’s used on the sleeves from the elbow down and on the inside of the collar. There are also two large panels of it down each side of the jacket and there is a large strip down the centre of the back.

The rest of the jacket is made of a polyester fur or polar fleece. It’s got a tiger pattern to it and is a deep crimson colour.

The jacket has a tail at th back which is about 7-8 inches longer than the front.

Inside the jacket is fully lined with satin which of course makes it easier to put on and more comfortable to wear.

The jacket has three domes at the front to do it up. But they’re not your average normal domes – not in Tribeworld. These are very funky rubber clasps. On one side they look like a bottle opener with a loop at one end. On the other side is a longer rubber piece that loops through the opposite loop and then domes back on it’s own side. Very cool and very easy to do up.

The Sheriff

Lex was extremely happy to become Sheriff of the city during Series 4. It made him feel more important than he already did. As far as he was concerned he should have been Sheriff a long time ago. But as the Lex we all know he would often use his position as Sheriff to get away with things he shouldn’t.

This long black sleeved shirt with collard is made of two types of black fabric. The sleeves and the back are of a thin nylon mesh. This is probably so that it could breath and Caleb wouldn’t get too hot. The front and the shoulders are a thicker black material that has a very faint snakeskin pattern to it. The large folded back cuffs are also made of this thicker black material

The detailing on the front is made with thick red piping and once again there’s a double red stitch on two side panels of the shirt.

The Sheriff’s badge is actually held onto the shirt with velcro. It is made of what looks like colander wire or mesh. Pieces of thin metal have been riveted together to make the star. Little metal stars surround the large one and the “L” in the middle is made of red glass gem stones.

The Black Leather Pants

The Sheriff’s straight legged pants are made of heavy black leather. After looking at these pants I’ve decided that the wardrobe department must make their own “snakeskin look” on all their leather pieces. The patches on the front of these pants are made of silver snakeskin leather. It looks like the wardrobe team can create this look by using different coloured paints and a stencil. The effect is great and must be much easier than trying to track down silver snakeskin leather!

The pants are made in separate pieces and from the knee down is a separate seam. Another cool feature of these leather pants is that on both sides from the top to the bottom they have a zip. It starts at the waistband and goes right to the bottom of the leg on both sides. The waistband has belt loops that are each attached by silver domes.

The back pockets as mentioned before are made of the same silvery snakeskin leather. They’re very large pockets and each has detailed double stitching in the shape of a loop. In between the two stitches the area has been coloured in black.

Worn through the pants is Lex’s Sheriff belt. It’s made of blue leather and the belt buckle is silver metal with the centre circle detail in gold. The picture in the middle of the inner circle is of a sun rising over mountains and three horses galloping over grass! Around this picture are the words “Striving for Sliccess” – I’m not sure what this means or where the Wardrobe Team got it! The silver metal is engraved in a symetrical pattern.

To finish off Lex’s Sheriff outfit he wears his Sheriff hat and long leather trench jacket which unfortunately we weren’t able to find. This completes the look of the powerful Sheriff!