Tribestyle: Ruby’s Costume

Over the next few weeks we are going to profile a few of the costumes used throughout the series. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is Ruby’s costume. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.

Ruby joined the character’s of The Tribe in Series 5. She lives in Liberty a small western town just outside the city and runs the Saloon.

Ruby is independent, quick-witted, shrewd and resourceful. She’s not afraid to back up an argument with her fist. Cross Ruby at your peril. She also has the tenacity of a terrier and a strong sense of “right”.

Ruby is certainly confidence but she still has a vulnerability and is sensitive to other people’s needs as well as to her own..

Ruby has only had one costume and it suits her personality. It’s funky and out there yet has a very groomed look.

The main body of her top is double layered cotton. On the outside of the top layer is another floral fabric (red/yellow/green) that has been torn into pieces and stitched on in various places.

The whole top is quite tight fitting in a bodice type way. It has a white zip down the front. The back is longer than the front so that she can show off her midriff. It has extra sleeves attached to the main singlet shape. These are attached by metal rings.

Her 3/4 leg pants are made of a slightly stretch fabric. The pattern is what you’d describe as motley. They are blue and mustard in colour.

The pants are hipsters and sit low on the waist – they have no waistband. Just below the knees they flare slightly and at the bottom of each leg there is a split. They are done up at the front with a zip.

The blue denim 1/2 skirt (that’s what wardrobe call it) is worn to one side as seen in the photo at the top of this page. It is made of what feels like denim. The pattern on it is very hard to describe but looks like a lot of little eyes that fit into each other. It is lined with a brown nylon fabric and the blue and brown matches quite closely the colours of the pants.

It has a large waistband that forms a “V” at the front and is done up on the side with a large round belt buckle.

Ruby’s jacket is very styly. It’s made of very dark blue denim. It has quite a “fitted” style and flares out very slightly at the bottom. It has a collar and the front is done up with a blue metal zip. The bottom 12cm of the jacket is like a waistband and stands out from the upper panels with the square cuts.

On the two front panels either side of the zip, square holes have been cut in the denim. It produces a fantastic effect as the denim frays around the edges with white and faded blue threads. Each hole is about 1cm square.

The front panels of the arms are also cut with small squares. The ones on the arms are about 2cm square. The back of the jacket up until the waistband has the same cut squares as the arms and are also about 2cm square.

The sleeves have no cuffs and are just turned over and sewn on the inside.

The pants are done up with a zip and dome and Lex wears a black belt with them.

The Accessories
Ruby’s overall look is quite feminine. With very light blonde hair, fitted clothes and lots of jewellery, she looks fantastic. All her jewellery follows the same theme – pearls, can tabs, and safety pins.

On her left wrist she wears a cuff. It is made of cream vinyl and has eight eyelets to thread to do it up. To decorate it, on the outside there are safety pins threaded with pink beads and pearls and can tabs either side of the safety pins that have a small round pink pearl in the centre of each one. Each of these pieces is sewn on with strong white thread.

Her necklace is so simple yet so effective. On a plain silver chainlink chain 15 safety pins have been attached (all facing the same way). Threaded on each of the safety pins is a white plastic pearl.

Ruby’s earrings are a mixture of all the decorative art on the necklace and cuff.

They are made of silver hooped earrings that have two silver and two pink tiny beads threaded on them. Hanging from the loops are a can tab with two pearls attached with very fine wire to each of the gaps in the tab. Also hanging from the hoop is a safety pin with a pearl threaded onto it and a double silver chain with a pearl attached to the end.

Ruby’s boots are cream leather and come up to just under the knee. They don’t have a large heel, only about 1 inch tall. They are square toed and apparently not very comfortable.

To top this whole outfit off Ruby wears a hairpiece made of can tabs and large safety pins. This is attached to the bun at the back of her head and sticks up just over the top of her head.