Tribestyle: Lex’s Tribe 5 Costume

Over the next few weeks we are profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is Lotties’s costume. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.

Lex has been in the Tribe since the beginning and his style has changed a little since the khaki army look that we saw in Series 1.

Lex used to look rugged ang tough but over the series Lex has found he likes to look suave and powerful often in long jackets and leather or denim pants and has added a bit more style to his tribal look.

In Series 4 we saw a softer side to Lex with his love interest in Siva but during Series 5 we see him up to his old tricks again this time with Gel. But Liberty suits Lex and his laid back lifestyle and this outfit is quite a casual look compared to some of his large black fitted jackets and dressy pants.

This is his second costume in Series 5.

Lex’s pants are made of grey flannel and have quite a straight cut leg. The front pockets are different on each side. The one on the left is a smaller pocket with a velcro flap. The pocket on the right is twice the size and has two much smaller pockets sewn on the outside of it. As well as a vertical 5 inch zip for decoration.

On the back of the pants there are another two pockets. They are a slightly odd shape in that the bottom of the pocket is on a slant towards the outside of the leg. The left pocket has a zip as detail on the outside and the right hand pocket has two smaller pockets on the outside in keeping with the front pockets.

On the left leg at about calf height there is also another zip pocket. Not to mention the two side pockets that you’re used to on a paif of pants. That’s eight pockets in total!

Holding up the pants is this black leather belt. There is no adjustment for this belt so it has been made to fit Caleb exactly. The buckle is silver and has the emblem “GM” on it with the words Mark of Excellence. The belt does up like a seat belt or safety belt so was probably once from a General Motors car.

Under his vest Lex wears a black mesh top. Lots of holes and made long so it’s easy to tuck in. It has grey ribbing around the sleeves and ribbing around the v-neck neckline. That’s about all there is to it!

Lex’s vest is made of a Khaki and Terracotta nylon. It is slightly padded with quilted black nylon on the inside. On each side of the front of the vest there are overlapping flaps that are done up with green nylon drawstring drawn through dull silver eyelets on either side. These flaps are over the terracotta strip that runs behind them.

At the bottom of each of these lace ups there is a small square pocket that is done up with a dome. Down the front there is a long black plastic zip. There are also shorter zips on both sides of the panels at the front – but these are decoration only and are not part of any pockets.

The vest has a high square collar that can be done up with a dome.

The back of the vest is very similar to the front. The back shoulder panel is in the terracotta colour and from the bottom of that there extends a two inch flap which is held down by the green drawstring and then threaded down each side to the bottom. And right at the bottom is another pocket that spans the whole width of the two drawstring panels and does up with two domes.

On his right wrist Lex wears eight of these black rubber rings and on his left wrist he wears this silver bracelet which looks like drink can tabs but they’re not. Lex also wears this same design in a necklace obviously with a few extra links.

Another Tribe Style coming soon…