Tribestyle: Darryl’s Costume

Over the next few weeks we are profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is Lotties’s costume. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.Darryl started off in a copy-cat Zoot costume when he was hired by Mega to play the mysteriously reappearing Zoot. But then when Mega had had enough it all turned pear-shaped and Darryl was dumped in a bin.

Slade came to his rescue and looked after him for a few days, got him some new clothes, fed and watered him and then decided to take him back to Liberty.

Darryl is a real character. Very sure of himself but doesn’t always get things right.

This is his third costume in Series 5.

This tight fitting top is made of lycra and is actually worn inside out. The material is actually black with bright red writing on it. The writing repeats itself over and over saying “The love of the bizarre”. But the wardrobe department have possible decided it was too bright for Darryl and have used the back of the material as the outside of the shirt.

It has a high crew neck and the sleeves are made of black mesh with a trim of the main fabric around the hem of the sleeves. Once again as with most of the tight fitting tops used in costumes, it is very long so as to tuck in easily to his pants.

Darryl’s pants are made of red tartan and are quite tapered in shape. They are much larger around the upper leg and tapered at the bottom so that they can tuck into his boots easily. There are two pockets on the front. The left hand pocket sits up high near the waistband and the right hand pocket is half way down the thigh. They are very large pockets and are done up with domes. On the front of each pocket is sewn some black strapping with d-rings at the ends.

On the left hand side of the pants more of the black strapping is used as detail. It runs under the pocket and down the side of the leg. Every four inches or so it is overlapped and continues down to the bottom.

Instead of a belt these pants have some of the black strapping sewn onto each side of the fly with a d-ring on one end. This is sort of like an inbuilt belt.

The fly is done up with large black boot laces that are criss crossed through metal eyelets. On the back of the pants there are two more pockets on the bum that match the two at the front.

This one armed shirt was particularly hard to photograph due to it’s asymmetrical design. It is made of stretch cotton/elastane. The design is greeny in colour and the print looks like large images of zips and domes of all things.

On the left of the shirt it has one sleeve which has a large white cuff around it. But from the top of the left shoulder it has been overlocked all the way down to the bottom hem line so it is missing a sleeve. Theshirt is worn half done up with metal buttons and then left open so that it can extend around the back.

Over his shirts Darryl wears this black and silver harness. It has two shoulder straps and one waist strap that all meet at the front and attach to a large silver ring. The harness is made of textured black vinyl and a layer of silver plastic with lots of holes in it. This gives is a metallic effect. It is done up at the back with eyelets and drawstring.

These classic Doc Marten 20 up boots have been painted in silver with a snakeskin like pattern. They are actually Doc Marten’s with a difference and have what they label on the tab as “Air Wair with bouncing soles”. Not entirely sure what that means but would imagine they would be pretty comfortable.

Around his neck Darryl wears this necklace. It is silver metal in the shape of a sharp tooth and has inset a red flame pattern.

Another Tribe Style coming soon…