Tribestyle: Lottie’s Costume

Over the next few weeks we are profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is the first of Lotties’s costume. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.A petty thief who is originally coaxed to stay at the Saloon by Ruby in order to lift a revealing notebook of Lex’s.

Friendly and cute but also wild, unkempt and urchin like. Something of a kleptomaniac, always pinching something – whether it be the important CD and Gismo at the Saloon or simply a scarf at the Mall.

Lottie gains a bad reputation and, like the boy who cried wolf, people become quick to accuse her; even if she is not actually guilty of committing the crime.

Ruby, and later Amber, are not prepared to write Lottie off just because she is a proven thief and can detect a nicer side to her. They see Lottie’s thieving as something that she might grow out of, if given the right direction and advice.

Lottie only had one outfit throughout Series 5 and it’s really quite tom-boyish. Then again, she’s a tough kid and knows what to do in order to survive.

Lottie’s overalls are made of yellow denim. They have blue stitching on all the seams and detail on the pockets. The bottom of the leg has not been sewn but frayed . Around the bottom of the pants has been sewn a trim about 1.5cm wide – it is dark blue in colour and is patterned in yellow, white and red flowers.

Down each leg are three outside pockets and the pants are done up with a metal zip and dome at the waist. The straps are actually buttoned on to the waist-band of the pants with yellow buttons. Lottie doesn’t wear the straps over her shoulders but down by her side.

The back of the pants have two large outside pockets on the back also. The pants are not full length but are long enough to come down to her shins.

This tiny patchwork top lottie wears under her overalls and her corset. It is not actually a whole lot of different fabrics sewn together but has been printed to look like it. It is very short and would only come down to mid-waist. It has a square neckline and the shoulders are puffed and around each sleeve as edging has been sewn some small white lace.

It is done up with three small pink buttons at the front.

Lottie’s corset is made of heavy denim and uses both sides of the weave. The front panels are the lighter side of the denim and on each side there are 7 eyelets which pull the corset tight with thick yellow drawstring.

On the darker panels of the corset they have been sewn across diagonally with bright green stitching which gives a nice striped effect. The corset has two splits on either side as well. Around the top of the corset has been sewn the same trim as the pants to add some more detail.

On her head Lottie wears this denim peaked cap. Tied to the back is the same ribbon used as trim on the corset and pants. It is tied in a bow and this ties all items together with the same denim/trim theme.

On her arms Lottie wears these striped sleeve cuffs. They are bright pink and red in colour and extend along the forearm and over the wrists. They each have a hole cut in the end for the thumbs. They are made of a stretchy cotton/lycra.

On her feet Lotties wears these high-top canvas shoes. Remnants of the 70s they’ve made a comeback. They are red/orange in colour and have a thick white rubber sole.

Another Tribe Style coming soon…