Tribestyle: Style File – Lottie

Style isn’t just your fashion or hairstyle – your way of doing things, your attitude, your personality, the way you deal with other people – all this makes up your unique style… NAME: Lottie STYLE OF FASHION: Lottie has great fashion. Lots of colour and lots of denim. She wears a patchwork top with a … Continue reading Tribestyle: Style File – Lottie


Character Name Lottie Series Series 5 Tribe Unknown Biography A petty thief who is originally coaxed to stay at the Saloon by Ruby in order to lift a revealing notebook of Lex’s. Friendly and cute but also wild, unkempt and urchin like. Something of a kleptomaniac, always pinching something – whether it be the important … Continue reading Lottie

Lottie Part 2

Lottie first heard about the virus when she was 9 years old. She didn’t understand the meaning of the broadcast, and was surprised when her mother turned off the radio, calling it fictitious trash. Lottie didn’t understand what the big deal was about being sick, or why anyone would lie about it. She had never … Continue reading Lottie Part 2