Lottie Series Series 5
Tribe Unknown


A petty thief who is originally coaxed to stay at the Saloon by Ruby in order to lift a revealing notebook of Lex’s. Friendly and cute but also wild, unkempt and urchin like. Something of a kleptomaniac, always pinching something – whether it be the important CD and Gismo at the Saloon or simply a scarf at the Mall.

Lottie gains a bad reputation and, like the boy who cried wolf, people become quick to accuse her; even if she is not actually guilty of committing the crime.

Ruby, and later Amber, are not prepared to write Lottie off just because she is a proven thief and can detect a nicer side to her. They see Lottie’s thieving as something that she might grow out of, if given the right direction and advice.

Cast Member

Name Beth Chote
Birthday 27th January 1991

Gymnastics, Soccer, Ballet,
Beth has been in several commercials and loves ballet and gymnastics. The Tribe is her first core cast role.