Darryl Series Series 5
Tribe Unknown


Darryl is a friendly enough person, very human and quite vulnerable. He appears vain at times but this can probably be attributed to a lack of self confidence. He is easily swayed by complements and is deeply hurt by rejection. He longs to be popular and successful, but does not really have a clue about how he will achieve this.

Darryl is something of a sad clown, one minute bragging and milking the applause; the next crying in his drink about the fickleness of the audience. Darryl tends to ‘put his foot in it.’ It is consistent with his character that he went to all the trouble of dressing up and playing the part of Zoot, only to display his “Darryl” tattoo for all to see.

Darryl is easily impressed and led, particularly by seemingly strong characters such as Lex, who to an extent, preys on Darryl’s naivety.

Cast Member

Name Joseph Crawford
Birthday December 31st, 1982


Joseph is experienced in both television and theatre. He was born in Canada but has spent a lot of time in New Zealand. He has had starrring roles in Mirror Mirror 2 and has been in Cloud 9’s productions, The Legend of William Tell, William Shatner’s A Twist in the Tale and The Tribe.