Tribestyle: Style File – Lottie

Style isn’t just your fashion or hairstyle – your way of doing things, your attitude, your personality, the way you deal with other people – all this makes up your unique style…

NAME: Lottie

STYLE OF FASHION: Lottie has great fashion. Lots of colour and lots of denim. She wears a patchwork top with a denim bodice threaded with a yellow tie.

She wears baggy yellow cargo pants and long red and pink striped arm bands. To top it all off, Lottie wears a denim cap.

STYLE OF HAIR: Lottie has shoulder length brown hair with blue and green strips. Some of her hair is crimped lightly around her face.

STYLE OF ATTITUDE: This girl is full of attitude. She’s a sneaky soul and will take anything that takes her fancy. She has no qualms about taking things and her attitude is, if she can get her hands on it then it’s there for the taking.

STYLE WITH OTHER PEOPLE: Lottie has been on her own for a while and is used to doing what she wants. With no mother or father figures she’s been at the mercy of the city. She’s had to scrounge and scavenge herself an existence. But when she meets Ruby she seems quite hapy to be looked after and mothered. She’s thought of as a theif and as such people aren’t willing to trust her. People like to keep an eye on her and that’s the way it’s going to stay unless she can prove otherwise.

STYLE OF PRINCIPLES: Not many principles for this young thing. She’s happy to steal anything, even if she doesn’t know what it is. She’s out for a deal and could be thought of as a younger KC or Lex. She took bets on who would win the fight between Ebony and Java and that’s the young mind of a person with no principles at all.

But who knows – we still might see a bit of remorse in Lottie yet…

STYLE OF SPEECH: Well spoken in a cute kind of way. Lottie doesn’t really have too much to say. Perhaps she thinks her cute little face will win over anyone.

STYLE OF FUN: The thrill of the chase comes to mind. Stealing for Lottie is fun. She likes the challenge and she’s been doing it for so long that it comes naturally.

Maybe she thinks it’s fun being caught – it certainly wins her some attention…