Tribestyle: Spotlight focus – A style of her own – Tai-San

We are all unique and special – there is nobody else who is exactly the same as us.

We each have our own particular style – from the way we dress to the way we behave, from the way we think to the way we do things.

Tai-San has perhaps the most distinct style in terms of what she believes in. Below Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN) reveals some info about Tai-San as do some other cast members from The Tribe…

Michelle Ang on Tai-San

“Tai-San has adopted a very serene outlook on life,” says Michelle Ang. “She has accepted the change in lifestyle since the virus and prefers to take what ‘destiny’ and ‘fate’ throw at her. She can be sincere yet she knows how to get what she wants”.

The Tribe on Tai-San

Members of the Tribe cast reveal what they think of Tai-San…

“Her beliefs in general are good and the law which she stands for is just. She can seem at times to be a bit manipulative and may seem to have double standards at times. She believes in karma and things like that” – Dwayne Cameron (BRAY).

“Tai-San is into Feng Shui and anti-corruption, meditation too” – Jaime Kaire-Gataulu (CHLOE).

“Tai-San believes in karma and feng-shui” – Sarah Major (PATSY).

“Tai-San is very into the whole karma idea. She believes things happen for a reason and no matter what you do fate is set” – Ella Wilks (DANNI).

“Tai-San is very spiritual and believes in fate and in vibes. Karma is also a big part of it” – Tori Spence (SALENE).

“Tai-San has a stereotypical spiritual belief system that she follows like her own sort of religion”.

Tai-San’s impact on others

Members of The Tribe cast reveal what effect Tai-San’s style of beliefs and spiritualism can have on others…

“At times we are all a little bit gob-smacked when we eventually crack the cryptic codes in what she says and find out that it is all very true, and at times very helpful. So we are all a little inspired by her outlook and situations, and often the narrow minded become agitated” – Dwayne Cameron (BRAY).

“To an extent Tai-San’s beliefs annoy them but in some ways it keeps them in line and helps keep hope amongst them” – Tori Spence (SALENE).

“Tai-San’s beliefs annoy – and inspire the Mall Rats. Danni gets annoyed very easily at Tai-San because she’s not very open minded to other peoples’ ideas. But on the other hand I think she helps the little kids understand other ways of dealing with things” – Ella Wilks (DANNI).

“Sometimes Tai-San ignores you when she’s meditating but other times her spiritual guidance is helpful” – Sarah Major (PATSY).

“Tai-San inspires Chloe” – Jaime Kaire-Gautalu (CHLOE).

“Tai-San annoys and inspires” – Ashwath Sundaresan (DAL).

“The way that Tai-San always has to express her opinion sometimes annoys the others. Especially Jack! Often because Tai-San is in touch with her spiritual style side she can see things from different angles and this can inspire the others” – Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN).

So there you have it!

Special Vote

So you have heard what Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN) and other members of The Tribe cast have to say about what Tai-San’s spiritual style is – and its impact on others.

But what do you think?

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