Tribestyle: Style File – The Virtual Reality Of Ram

There is an interesting new twist in the world of The Tribe. Ram and his gang of Techno’s have brought many things to the city. Electricity, food in the form of T-bars, medical supplies, vehicles, and virtual reality…

Everyone must have dreamt of being able to go back and forwards in time, to visit a period in time that they relate to for one reason or another. To journey into Roman or Egyptian times or to experience life as somebody else.

With Ram’s dreams shaped into reality by the technical whiz kid Ved, there is a whole new style that is now being seen.

People can become a boxer or a gladiator, can get married in this virtual world or fly through the sunlit sky with the birds. They can visit the beach or climb a mountain, stand in the snow or sit by a fire.

Gladiator Styles

The styles that we see in Ram’s virtual world seem to appeal to his sense of showmanship.

The harsh costumes worn in the gladiator arena add to the sense of excitement that spectators would feel as they watch two people in combat.

Lex is wearing his trademark black whilst Java is wearing white, traditionally a colour that symbolises purity and goodness.

Perhaps this is because Ram saw Java as the good side and Lex as the bad?

Boxing Styles

The boxing ring was another arena in which a ‘game’ was played.

This time Siva takes part in a fight with Lex. Her bright pink outfit might show that there is another side to her that not many people would have seen. A fun loving side perhaps?

Wedding Styles

Ram is a romantic at heart and this is apparent in the wedding sequence.

There are bubbles floating in the breeze and beautiful flowers provide the backdrop to his perfect day.

Ebony is dressed in the traditional wedding white whilst there is still a touch of the tribal style to her outfit.

Java and Siva look breathtaking in red.

Was this colour chosen because they were red with rage that Ram had taken on another wife? Or was it a sign of their aggressive natures?

Other styles

It seems that even though people can journey through time periods and visit many different locations there is still a real sense of Ram’s own style throughout the world of virtual reality.

There is also a sense of tribal style throughout this world with people wearing things that they might wchoose to wear in normal life.

Most of the styles seen in this virtual world would make the people wearing them happy.

However it is a shame that Ram’s virtual world had to start with kids from the street having to be wired up and kept like zombies.

We shall have to wait and see if there are any clues in the way that style is portrayed in the virtual world.

It just might hold the key to what Ram has in mind for the future or it might show us the real characters of the people who are playing the games.