Tribestyle: Techno Style – Tribe 4 Special

After much anticipation, Tribe Series 4 is now underway with its World premiere in the UK! This Tribestyle takes a look at the new tribe on the block – the Technos – and checks out the unique style they bring in Tribe Series 4…


Firstly, we don’t know what they want or from where they have appeared but we do know that the Technos are right here, right now! And do they have their own style or what? Maybe their style might cast some further insights on where they have come from – and more importantly, what they plan to do…

Well one thing that is apparent about the Technos is that they appear to wear a type of “uniform” – not a school uniform, but a uniform in the sense they have a similar colour scheme, type of clothes and appearance. They all look alike with their black outfits, leathers, full or half-face masks and communicator earpiece devices. This uniformity of physical fashion is quite pronounced – say, compared with the quite different fashions worn by the Mall Rats.

Why the uniformity? Is it so like soldiers, the Technos can easily recognise each other (and the city recognises them too)? Does a uniform reflect their bond with each other and similarity of purpose (whatever that purpose is)?

Does ditching “normal” fashion mean the Technos have ditched their association with the past and their new futuristic fashions mean precisely that they seek to build a new – and futuristic – society?


Check out the earpieces as another example of Techno style. They look pretty cool with their one ear piece communicator devices. And again, each Techno seems to wear the same type of earpiece.

Is this because it all means they communicate on the same frequency?

Madonna pioneered the earpiece a few years ago so maybe (although unlikely), the Technos are all Madonna fans (or Britney fans – she wears one in her concerts)?

Or do have the Technos have something wrong with their ears and must cover them with earpieces?


Why do people wear masks? Normally to hide their identity. But why hide your identity? Do the Technos have something to hide? Is that why they wear silver masks – perhaps to project the appearance of fear and strike terror into their opponents?

Or is there a more deep reason – that the Technos have rejected previous society and with their masks are revealing an affinity with all things machine and technological?

Or does their mask serve some other hidden power or reason for being? Maybe the mask does something and is a hi-tech gadget. Or is it to hide skin blemishes?


Style isn’t just what you wear or look like – our own style is partly influenced by the way that we do things including the way that we speak.

The Technos have their own peculiar dialect and way of speaking. Again, maybe this is a deliberate move on their part – to differentiate themselves from other Tribes, partly theatrical perhaps (to strike fear and cower their opponents) – or maybe it is just fun having their own language and dialogue that others cannot understand!

For example, the Technos have been heard being totally dismissive and rude towards non-Technos, whom they label as “verts”. We believe this is because non-Technos are regarded by Technos as being primitive idiots who lead a sub or “virtual” life. This may be the reason the Technos laugh, bully or are just downright mean to non-Technos – the “verts”.

The Technos have also clearly created an elaborate communication pattern so they can refer to things that they know mean something – even though others may not be so sure.

For example, the Technos say “phase 1 completed” or “phase 2 in operation” – this must refer to something and clearly the Technos have a plan. They don’t say clearly understandable things like “city conquered” but “phase 1”.

So the Techno style is also marked by their own form of language in using words other Tribes don’t use – yet…


What? We mean the hi-tech equipment that the Technos use. They clearly have access to some very powerful gear indeed – their earpieces, their “blaster” type weapon things that knocked Lex senseless – a key part of the Technos is the hi-tech gear they carry and use.

Other gear that the Technos are known to use are powerful desktop and laptop computers, powerful high fidelity sound systems, vehicles (usually decked out in black attire and looking menacing and scary – like Darth Vader on wheels), digital cameras that have been stationed around the city, airplanes (from which the invading Technos then parachute!), binder handcuffs, intensely high-pitch sound portable amplifiers (a type of weapon) and the list goes on…

A Technos do NOT walk around with baseball bats, use skateboards or throw messages scribbled on a paper airplane to each to communicate – they are a bunch of hi-tech cookies indeed.

But what is their plan?

This is what we know about their style so far – and we’ll be taking some indepth looks at Techno style in the near future, so watch this space!