Tribestyle: Style of Tribe Series 4 – Part 2

‘The style of the three J’s.’

There are some amazing things happening in Tribe series 4, things that you will never have dreamed of! Did you find any clues in last weeks photos?

This week we are taking a look at the three J’s.

Who are they? What are they? A whole new Tribe or three new characters? A secret code that is used by somebody in the Tribe to counteract the bad feelings left by the Guardian?

Well, we are going to show you some pictures of three J’s. Whether or not they are the three J’s that are in the new series is something that you will have to work out for yourself!


What does this look mean?Scared or inquisitive?
This is one happy J!Looking a bit scared,
hiding from somebody.

Jennifer Jewell plays the part of Ellie in the Tribe. From the look of these pictures, Ellie is having a bit of a strange time. One minute she is scared and hiding, the next she is laughing and the next she is looking mean.

Her style seems to have remained the same from series 3 to series 4. She has a girlish look about her and dresses in greens and pastel pinks. She generally wears leggings or tight trousers teamed with an overskirt and big boots.

She is more journalist than warrior woman and this is mirrored in her style as well as her personality but perhaps we will see a different side of her character in this new series?


Looking interested in somethingDressed up and looking older!
Looks like Cloe is puckering up for a kiss!Shocked, sickened or scared?

Jaimee Kaire Gataulu plays the part of Cloe in the Tribe. We first saw Cloe when she was a mere slip of a girl, more interested in the welfare of animals than her own.

It looks like Cloe has grown up a bit since then and her style is reflecting this. She is looking quite mature with her hair piled up on top of her head and seems to have developed a liking for make-up.

Is this new look part of a new Cloe? Does she act all grown up and independent or is she still the baby of the group? Does Cloe stay with the Mall Rats or does she form her own sub-tribe?

One thing is certain, Cloe has grown up!


Who is this mysterious person…or thing?

What is he/it listening to?

Standing to attention or is he/it a prisoner?

Is this a person or a thing? Part of a tribe or a long lost Mall Rat, come back with a different look?

It seems like whoever or whatever this is, they look like they are either in charge or are imprisoned. There is a definite look of worry in the eyes of the top picture.

What does this style mean? Tight black clothes, a headset and an uncomfortable mask. Does the mask serve a purpose? Is it for fighting or does it hide some horrible disfigurment? Or does the person/thing not want the Mall Rats to know that he/it is back?

Well, that leaves you with a few more possible clues or total red herrings for Tribe series 4. It’s up to you to make out of it what you will.