Tribestyle: Style of Tribe Series 4 – Part 1

There are some amazing things happening in Tribe Series 4 and you are sure to get your socks rocked off! And there are some great new looks too. But what do they mean?

We’re going to take a look at some exclusive photos from this new series. And we might see if there are any clues hidden in these styles. Clues that could tell us what is happening in Tribe series 4!


This bad boy is looking a bit worried at what is going on in his life at the moment. One moment he is the sheriff who is looking after the city and the next moment he is looking pretty concerned. What could it be?

Lex with weapons? Surely it must be a dream?

But why does he change his style from that of a sheriff to that of a fierce Gladiator? Who would he be fighting? Is he fighting for fun or for control? To save the honour of the woman he loves or to show off in front of a group of women that seem to like him?

And why does he appear to be so unsettled in bed? Has Tai San vanished in to the night? Or has Lex had an unexpected visitor? Maybe he has seen a ghost? Or had a nightmare. Perhaps a premonition as to what is about to happen in his world?

Sheriff Lex, looking worried?Gladiator Lex, looking victorious?
Sheriff Lex, looking troubled?Lex, looking confused or concerned?


This girl just has attitude at all times and it seems that nothing much has changed with her. She is looking more grown uo than ever and the red in her outfit combined with the hands on her hips tells us who’s the boss.

She is storming towards somebody or something and looks like she means business. But is she the one in charge or is she being led by somebody else?

Saying that, Ebony does appear to be a little upset at something. She has a sad look in her eyes.

Uptight or ready to fight?Going in to battle or a trip to doom?
Scared or sad?An old flame or a new love?

Has she learnt that somebody close to her has been lost or has died?

Perhaps that look isn’t sadness. It could be fear. Maybe she is being challenged by somebody?

It could be that somebody has found out all about the secrets she keeps locked up inside.


Pride seems to be up to something but what it is, who can tell? There are all sorts of things that have happened in the life of this tribal character and they have shaped him in to the man he is now.

But what is that? Is Pride the friendly, eco-sensitive guy or is he a scheming rat, out to control the city?

Who is Pride glaring at?Who is Pride hiding from?
What is Pride doing?A flashback or will Pride
find his true love again?

And what about his love life? Will Pride go after his lost love, Amber. Will he fight against Bray for her? Or will he return to May and find that there are real feelings there after all?

Perhaps Pride will forget love for the time being and concentrate instead on plans that were made a long time ago and that he has vowed to carry out – whatever the cost?


Jack’s style has remained fairly consistant and he is always ready to do whatever is needed to keep things ticking over in his tribal life.

He likes the comfort factor that his clothes offer him and retains his own individual style.

Is this about to change? Will Jack develop his fighting skills and change his way of dress to adapt to new warrior-like tendencies?

Or will Jack join together with a new force, the likes of which have never been seen before?

Perhaps Jack will start to dress to impress in case he ever comes across a woman that he wants to get closer to?


Whatever the rumours you hear say and whatever you think will happen from the trailer you have seen, one thing is for sure.

Nothing will prepare you for the excitement and surprises that are coming your way in Tribe series 4.

More exclusive pics next week in Style of Tribe series 4!