Tribestyle: Style of Tribe IV??

Without giving everything away we’re going to look at Series IV.

As the first scenes of Tribe IV are under way it has everyone wondering what shape and form this series is going to take.

What will the style of the series be?

As the series have progressed so has the imagination and thought of all the writers, directors, art dept, producer etc. Each series is getting more and more spectacular with bright colours and funky designs.

Just as the Mozzies have their sleek black outfits and special masks, the technos are silver and also wear masks. This is what we’ve seen of them so far.

How far will their style go?

Is everything going to get more hi-tech and advance into the world the kids are hoping for or are the worries in Tribeworld going to rear their head again, no food, fighting etc?

The new sets are amazing and some of the locations they’ll be filming at will blow you away!

The style of Series IV is fantastic and as each of the Mallrats are growing into adults there are so many more possibilities for their characters.

This series is definitely going to show you new twists and turns at every angle as the Mallrats defy the odds again.