Tribestyle look at Easter!

Tribestyle look at Easter!

What is Easter?

Easter is a time of the year to celebrate spring, fertility and all things new. Spring lambs and baby birds and of course spring flowers.

The spirit of Easter is carried on with Bunnies and eggs as symbols of fertility and brightly coloured easter eggs a sign of the sunlight of spring

Many people see Easter as a holiday and a time to get away from the stressful things in life.

Easter in Tribeworld…

It would probably be safe to say that the Mallrats would celebrate Easter. The older kids would remember when they were younger and realise how exciting Easter is to the younger kids. Chicken eggs could be blown out and painted, chocolate and candy could be hidden and a Treasure Hunt held to find them.

Another part of Easter is Easter games. As well as treasure hunting, there is egg rolling. Kids from everywhere roll eggs down a grassy slope or hill and whoever gets their egg furthest down the hill without breaking it, wins!

Before the virus the Mallrats may have celebrated Easter differently. Some families see Easter as a more religious time. Easter to Christians is commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ the son of God.

Others are happy to just celebrate the holiday as a time to spend with family and to munch on chocolate bunnies and marshmallow eggs.

Each Mallrat would bring to Easter something special of the way they have celebrated it in the past.

How would each Mall Rat celebrate Easter? Style isn’t just your hair, make up, fashion, manners or attitude – we all have our own style in the way we do everything – including the way we celebrate (or don’t) Easter!

EBONY – The devious Ebony would probably try and strike a deal with the Easter Bunny if she could get away with it. If she could get her hands on his basket of eggs then she could trade with other Tribes and this would place her in a position of power. Also making an alliance with the Easter Bunny would bring one of the most famous characters in the western world into her orbit of influence and surely bolster her popularity. But wouldn’t she be seen as a less “cool” chick if she acted this way – isn’t the Easter Bunny a bit “young” for her? She isn’t a regular Easter ‘chick’…

GUARDIAN – Big G would try to set a trap to catch the Easter Bunny – and then convert the Easter Bunny to the cause of Zootism. Would the Easter Bunny become a member of the Chosen? Or might the Guardian snap out of his worship for Zoot and instead focus his energies on reshaping the post-adult world under a new icon – the Easter Bunny?

AMBER – Amber is sensitive and full of concern and care for the well-being of others, especially the welfare of the young and vulnerable. She would probably try to organise Easter parties, surprise younger kids with gifts of Easter baskets, encourage them to decorate the city with Easter decorations to raise morale and increase everyone’s happiness – with fun games like treasure hunts, writing letters to the Easter bunny, making Easter eggs, et cetera

PATSY and PAUL – They would probably celebrate Easter by being violently sick. Not because Easter makes them vomit. But because part of childhood celebration of Easter is Easter eggs and eating plenty of them. Patsy and Paul had gorged themselves on food previously and would probably devour as many eggs and Easter eggs as they could get their mouths on. As is the fate of many young kids on Easter Sunday, Easter morning would be spent consuming vast quantities of chocolate eggs – and Easter Sunday afternoon would be spent feeling ill.

TAI-SAN – Tai-San would revel in the true (and often forgotten) meaning of Easter – new life. Easter is about resurrection, love and life triumphing. With the theme of building a new world from the ruins of the old, it is likely Tai-San would see the philosophical and religious meanings of Easter and reinterpret them from her own perspective so they applied to the everyday life of Tribeworld – She would spread her message of giving hope and a positive direction for the kids and teens to feel happy about the future and to build a peaceful, loving world – although in Tribeworld that may be some way off for a while yet…

LEX – Lex may not really be too interested in Easter. Well he may be, but he wouldn’t let on. Lex loves his tough guy image and getting all gooey over Easter bunnies and Easter eggs would not be part of the whole image “thing”. He has better things to do with his time. But he would probably enjoy just as much as Patsy and Paul to devour as many Easter eggs as he could!

How do you celebrate Easter? Check out Tribe Vote and see which best describes your Easter Weekend.