Tribestyle: The Style of Darryl

Medallion man or sensitive artistic actor type? Our Darryl seems to be a conundrum of all sorts of styles.
He was picked up in a Casino and prodded and preened to appear as Zoot. He seemed to like this look and puffed out his chest with pride whenever he stepped into Zoots leathers.
A booming voice and the arrogance of one who believes he is destined for greater things, Darryl loved being both the centre of attention and part of Mega’s inner circle.
Despite all this arrogance however, Darryl is a pussy cat and only gets aggro when he feels he is not being given the limelight he thinks he deserves. This is when his petulant and sulky side comes to the fore and he pouts and grumbles away to himself until he feels better.
He believes that he is a real lady’s man and thinks that the women of tribeworld should be falling at his feet. But this is only likely to happen if someone actually trips over and happens to land near him!
It isn’t the fact that his dress sense is bad as such – we’ve seen a lot worse in tribeworld – but he has this air about him that just makes girls go Eeww.
Darryl is now out of the techno team and is still wearing the clothes that turned him into Zoot. And now that he has been stripped of his dreadlock wig, his contacts and his medallion we can see that Darryl is definitely a vulnerable guy who needs some TLC to help him get by.

The insecure side of Darryl seems to be coming out again now that the spotlight is not on him and he is scared to death that he will be hunted by the Zoot crazies out there in the streets. He needs a tough guy like Slade to show him the way and to help him through this rough patch in his life.

Maybe he will return to the limelight with Slade’s help?

Perhaps the medallion will see the light of day again?

Or maybe there is a little lady waiting to find out what this guy has to offer?

We will soon get to see the real Darryl – but will we like what we see?