Tribestyle: Style File – Zandra

NAME: Zandra

STYLE OF FASHION: Zandra has had a few styles. They’re all very bold and even if they’re not bright colours they are full of flowers, frills, fluffies and feathers. Her makeup is fairly subtle in terms of – not too many bright colours but her tribal markings are bold – two large stars one on each cheek.

STYLE OF HAIR: Zandra has the front of her died in contrast blue and pink. She loves these colours and her hairstyle has stayed the same throughout the series. She always wears her hair pulled back into a messy bun because her hair is naturally curly/wavy.

STYLE OF ATTITUDE: Zandra believes to look good is important. She is a little self obsessed but she is a kind and caring person as well. She is very attractive but also dizzy. She lives in her own fantasy world, forgetting the harsh realities of the world around her.

STYLE WITH OTHER PEOPLE: She does like doing any type of chores, which might spoil her nail varnish which can annoy others in The Tribe. But at heart, she is kind and so avoids being shunned by the other girls, who can get annoyed by Zandra’s vanity and self-absorption.

STYLE OF PRINCIPLES: If Zandra wants something she’ll persevere with it. She doesn’t like being told what to do and will stick up for herself when she needs to. She doesn’t take much lying down and she certainly knows when to tell someone to shut up.

The biggest problems in her life are Lex and looking good. She sometimes doesn’t understand why everyone can be so upset over things she thinks are trivial.

STYLE OF SPEECH: Zandra has a quick tongue and is happy to use it especially on Lex. She speaks well and can come up with some one liners that are unintentionally amusing.

STYLE OF FUN: Fun for Zandra is experimenting with new designer clothes and makeup. She also likes spending time with Lex when he’s no absorbed in himself and can make time for her.

Zandra knows what makes her happy and she does it.