Tribestyle: The Style of Decision Making and Leadership

Within Tribeworld there are many Tribes. Every Tribe has a leader and every leader has a quality that has helped make them that leader. Some leaders are bad and some are good. Some are ruthless and some are fair. How do they compare?

Amber and Bray are similar in the way they lead others. Amber and Bray are honest and always involve others in the decision making. They rally the group and make a group decision. Amber is very unbiased when it comes to a decision. She can see the story from both sides and always tries to make the outcome fair for everyone. Bray also likes to involve everyone though sometimes he already has a decision in his own mind. In Bray’s mind Lex is never right and Bray is always right.




Ebony will do anything to get her own way. She is very good at manipulation and always uses it to her advantage. Instead of tactfully proving her point, Ebony finds it easier to blackmail and lie in order to get her own way. This has often got her into hot water but Ebony is good at getting herself out of these situations as well. When will she get caught out?




Might was Right according to Zoot. Make the little people feel little. Scare them into following the Loco’s. Zoot believed that being heavy handed was the easiest way to become leader of the city. Even though he had power throughout the city through his intimidation of everyone, he was never really considered the Leader of the city.




Moz is the type of leader who thinks that the bigger the mob, the better. The more people she can rally then the more she can rule. Rule by the Mob!! Moz is threatening but doesn’t often do anyone any harm. She has a loud bark but no bite. She has lots of Mozzies and together they try to intimidate anyone to get their own way. Moz is also like Ebony, she will make a deal if it will benefit her and her Mozzies.




Lex is in it for himself. Nothing is for free and he won’t do anything for free. Lex is often threatening and bullying to get his own way. This means the dealings he does are with people that also want a good deal. Lex will do dealings in a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” type of way.