Tribestyle: Pets and Animals in Tribeworld

In Tribeworld there have been many animals. Some have been pets and some have been wild. In Tribeworld there is not much chance of seeing a large herd of cows or a flock of sheep in the numbers you may be used to seeing. Farms need to be smaller now without the use of motorbikes and sheep dogs. Most animals in Tribeworld have been pets, taken in by Tribes or still roaming the street looking for someone to care for them.

One of the first animals we came across was the cat that Cloe found abandoned in the street.

It is hard to resist taking in an animal that has no one to care for it and Cloe was always doing her best for every animal she found. Although the cat was not around very long Cloe also befriended a calf that she named Bluebell. Bluebell almost caused more conflict than pleasure! In a world where food is scarce, a calf would be great nourishment. Cloe went to great lengths to prevent Bluebell from becoming a meal.

Bob was Patsy’s dog and Patsy made sure to take Bob whereever she ended up. Everyone loved Bob and he always did something to make everyone laugh. He was a source of comfort when people were down and he could often cheer up a sad face.

Other Tribes had pets, that had once been family pets or that they had befriended since the virus. The Demon Dogs had a Dog – quite possibly the reason behind their name. Their dog was very large and quite intimidating. He was a great watchdog and you couldn’t beat him for security.

The Nomads also kept a variety of animals. They had many horses which were very useful. With no cars or fuel driven transport, going back to using horses was the best idea. A lot more ground can be covered by horse than by foot. Why do you think engines are measured by horsepower?

The Nomads also kept some goats. Goats are a great source for milk and cheese and can make great pets. They also clean up the garbage!! Goats will eat anything, so any scraps need not go to waste. Having these animals and raising them to produce offspring is a great tool for trading too.

Some animals are obviously more useful than others. A dog cannot produce milk, nor can he be ridden but Bob could smell out an intruder a mile away! Every animal has their good qualities.

The Gaians are a very independant tribe. They live off the earth and are wise in collecting berries, eating roots and collecting from nature in general. They also have chickens which of course produce eggs. Sacrificing a few grains for the chickens is definitely worth a few eggs.