Tribestyle: Trudy’s Costume

Over the next few weeks we are going to profile a few of the costumes used throughout the series. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is Trudy and her Series 5 costumes. Click any of the pictures for a larger view.

In Series 1 Trudy was depressed, alone and scared. Her costumes earlier on were earthy colours and fairly plain. In Series 3 she became more colourful and her clothes were styly and cheerful.

In Series 5 Trudy has really matured as a woman and her clothes are quite sophisticated and funky. They show her individuality and the colour purple is definitely her colour!

Series 5 Costume

This costume came into the series early on in Series 5. Trudy did wear a different purple top at the very beginning of the series though.

The skirt is made of purple denim. Denim always has two colours to it – the outside and inside of the weave. The contrast colours on the skirt are made using both sides of the denim.

The ends of denim are great for fraying and this has been done along the bottom of the entire skirt. The skirt is sewn in three panels of varying obsure angles which gives it a slightly patchwork feel.

At the front top of the skirt it is bound together with gold thread through14 eyelets. There is a zip at the side of the skirt for ease of getting into it. There is also a side split on the right-hand side.

On the front panel is a design done in gold thread in a fine zigzag stitch.

This matching top is a serious piece of design! The base of the top is satin in purple with the edges of the top being in blue satin. Overlapping the entire top is a very fine chiffon which has twirls of fine black and orange stitching.

Again the cross-over angles that the top is cut at make it match the skirt. The special sleeve over the left-hand shoulder is made of plastic which is quite flexible to make it more comfortable to wear. The plastic has been painted to match the main colours of the top. This shoulder piece is attached (using the same gold thread that features on the skirt) though eyelets on both sides.

Another piece of the costume that is not pictured is the collar that is attached to the top. This comes off the plastic shoulder piece with beaded wire. It is made of the same plastic as the shoulder piece and painted to match the costume.

Antonia found this collar very irritating to wear. It would rub against her neck and leave it red and sore. After the first week the wardrobe team lined the collar with soft padding to make it more comfortable.

Last but not least are Trudy’s boots. They’re made in Spain! They are leather of course with a marble like pattern to them. Antonia is already quite tall so the heel is not too high. Apparently they’re very comfortable!