Tribestyle: Ellie’s Costume

Over the next few weeks we are going to profile a few of the costumes used throughout the series. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is Ellie’s Series 3/4 costume. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.Ellie’s always been a farm girl but in later series she’s definitely adapted to the city.

In the costume we’re profiling this week she has a very urban look that really suits her.

Ellie’s Costume

Ellie got this costume about mid way through Series 3. Jack had been taken away by the Chosen and Ellie was just forming a new relationship with Luke. She needed a style change. Most of her costumes have been mis matched. There’s always a number of items to her costumes and they’re very patchworky and often pastel colours.

The Jacket is made of cotton but the weave is very old fashioned. It’s like an awful suit jacket from the 70’s. But with all the trimmings this jacket really suits the whole costume. The purple trip is synthetic fur which is around the collar, cuffs and two strips attached to the front that make you think there’s pockets there! Well there are two pockets are the front but they are straight across (underneath the purple strips) and not diagonal as the strips suggest.

The jacket is lined in purple satin and the clasp at the front is rather difficult to explain. It’s silver piping curled and sewed to the jacket in a loop on one side and a bobble on the other.

The meshy top that Ellie wears under her corset is very thin stretchy material with a floral design. It has long sleeves and there are holes on each side of the upper arm which are highlighted by a lacey trim which is also used around the neckline.

At the elbows there are three frills sewed to each sleeve.

This skirt reminds me very much of the eighty’s. In fact there’s a lot of similar stuff in the stores at the moment.

It’s extremely short which is why Ellie wears short leggings underneather. It’s made of a very thin tartan material in pink and black. It’s pleated most of the way around and has little silver stud things attached to the two front pleats. Now what’s a tartan skirt without safety pins?? On the front right of hte skirt are five very large safety pins.

The waistband of this skirt is almost half the skirt itself! To match this wide waistband is a very wide leather belt. The costume department always manage to get fantastic patterned leather and this paticular leather has a reptile like pattern to it. The belt was made by the costume department and has a large round double buckle at the front.

This corset is a little shorter than most. It’s made of white leather and the costume department have added some very cool pink splashes of paint to it. It has boning in the front and has two pink leather straps over the shoulder to hold it up. It is done up at the back through 18 eyelets and criss crossed with a tie.

The short leggings that Ellie wears underneath are made of a lycra/elastane mix. They’re pretty standard leggings with the zip at the front.