Tribestyle: Slade’s Costume

Over the next few weeks we are going to profile a few of the costumes used throughout the series. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is Slade’s costume. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.

Slade’s a drifter and an opportunist. He’s been in Liberty for a while and obviously holds some weight in the town. What he says goes.

He’s tough, he’s rough and he’s got a sensitive side that is only occasionally seen.

Ladies love him.

Slade’s Costume

Slade has only ever had one costume. It’s slightly cowboyish and shows that he’s not from suburbia. He’s a country lad and the cowboy boots sit perfectly on his motorbike.

This singlet top is made of the latest meshy material. It is lined on the inside with a matching brown stretchy fabric which is also used for the trim around the neck and arm holes. One strip down the front left hand side has not been lined and gives a nice meshy see through effect.

The denim shirt – this is quite funky! It’s very 80’s which we all know is quite the rage at the moment. It’s made from a tan coloured denim which is a light faded blue on the other side.

The shirt is pretty typical of a short sleeved shirt although it’s rounded at the bottom and has slight splits at the side. The collar is high necked and doesn’t have any lapels.

Don’t we loved frayed denim? There’s something about it that’s so satisfying. Just so you know – the best way to fray denim is just to cut it and then wash it. Your washing machine does all the hard work. This shirt is frayed around the arms, neck, bottom and the seam across the front. The shirt buttons up with seven domes and there are two rivets at the top of each pocket. On the right hand pocket is a design that is typical of all designs found on Slade and his clothing.

The leather pants – these pants are almost entirely made of leather and they weigh in at just over 1kg (2.2 pounds).The main part of the legs is made of brown suede, although turn the suede over and you get the lovely leather that makes the round panel at the top of the pants.

The bottom of each leg is a separate piece and is lined. There are two buckles at the bottom of each leg and on the left leg there is another of these “Slade” designs in red paint.

As with the front of the pants there is the contrast leather/suede on the back as well with the back of the pants having the same leather panel around the bum and the two back pockets are also leather rather than the suede.

The red jacket – It’s leather of course, and it’s also very red. It’s quite an old style motorcycle jacket and is actually a manufactured brand that has been “tribalised” by our wardrobe team. The zip is interesting in that it’s on the diagonal. The zip starts at the top right of the jacket and finishes at the bottom right of the jacket. It’s not straight up and down the middle. It’s also double zipped. There are two places you can zip it up – it’s your choice!

It has two pockets down the bottom, one on the chest and a sneaky inside pocket that you’d never know about.

On the sleeves are the tribal markings in line with Slade’s tattoo. The ends of the sleeves have zips also – adjustable depending on how tight you like them.

The back of the jacket has an even larger tribal design in the middle of the back and there is also a smaller one right at the bottom. In places this jacket is heavily padded. Being a motorcycle jacket it’s supposed to have lots of padding to save the rider from any injuries if he falls off. There are large, round padded circles on each elbow and the bottom strip of the jacket and the shoulders are also padded.

Slade’s whole costume screams “bad boy”. He’s a tough, rough rider and this guy is scared of nothing and no one.