Up Close and Personal With Tom Hern (RAM)

RAM Tom HernInterview: Tom Hern (RAM)

TW: What word best describes you?

Tom – Passionate.

TW: What is your all-time favourite line of your character?

Tom – “I”m a genius, didn’t they tell you?”

TW: If you could play any other character on telelvision, who would it be?

Tom – The Fonz.

Ram Tom Hern in The Tribe

TW: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Tom – The power to heal (spiritually and physically).

TW: Define the perfect day.

Tom – Beautiful weather, beautiful company.

TW: Which person – living, dead or fictional – do you most identify with?

Tom – John Travolta.

TW: What quality in yourself would you like to improve?

Tom – My temper.

TW: What book or movie title best describes your life so far?

Tom – Saturday Night Fever.

TW: If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Tom – Pita bread and hummus.

TW: What is your favourite movie of all time?

Tom – Tombstone and Pulp Fiction.

TW: What’s your biggest complaint in life?

Tom – That people don’t understand others’ point of view.

Tom Hern RAM Tribe

TW: Who are your favourite actors?

Tom – John Travolta.

TW: Name your greatest achievement.

Tom – To be a happy man.

TW: Name your biggest regret.

Tom – That I sometimes forget to laugh at myself.

TW: What do you like most about acting?

Tom – Understanding humanity.

TW: What do you deplore most about acting?

Tom – Having to rush sometimes.

Leader of the Technos RAM

TW: If you weren’t in show business, you would be?

Tom – A fisherman/musician in Samoa.

TW: What’s something in the world you’d like to see outlawed?

Tom – Prejudice.

TW: What do you like most about the holidays?

Tom – Sleeping in.