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Volume 2 of The Tribe soundtrack – new album coming soon!

The Tribe Volume 1 Soundtrack on CDWe are pleased to advise that Volume 2 of The Tribe soundtrack will be released on 25th October 2011!

And – there will also be another new soundtrack album released that time featuring the best of Cloud 9‘s other shows, including music from The Legend of William Tell to William Shatner’s A Twist In The Tale and more!).

The Tribe soundtrack Volume 2 album will contain more favourite music used in the The Tribe series 1-5 and follows on from the well received Volume 1 of The Tribe soundtrack.

Like its predecessor, the new Volume 2 Tribe soundtrack will be released digitally on Apple iTunes around the world as well as other digital stores such as Amazon.

We’ll have information on the track listings and price as soon as we can but just wanted to let you know about this exciting release!   😀

There will also be a special CD version available from for those who prefer a traditional CD version, similar to the one for Volume 1.