What to do? Decision-making in the Tribe… – Part 1

“Democracies need defending” – Amber

What’s the best way to make a decision on something? Flip a coin? Roll a dice? Have a vote? Or sit back and let whoever is the most powerful make the decision?

This Worldview article asks the opinions of cast members about the way in which the Mall Rats and other Tribes make decisions in their world without adults – and there`s a special vote in part 3 where you can have your say…

Amber and Bray’s view – let everyone decide with democracy

Amber is a firm believer in democracy for the Mall Rats, and society as a whole. She believes that everyone is equal and should be treated the same – and everybody should have a say in reaching decisions, as these decisions can affect them all.

“My character backs democracy completely” says Dwayne Cameron (BRAY). “Bray is always with Amber on that and it always paid off. I believe it is the only real way to sort things out in any situation”.

Everyone in the Mall Rats has one vote on something. Amber always prefers that the whole group be present so they can debate issues – and cast their votes – before decisions are made. She will try to delay decision-making at times if other Tribe members are absent as she feels it is unfair for decisions to be made without everyone taking part. Whatever the majority decides, the rest of the group should go along with it.

Amber and Bray also believe democracy is the best way forward for society as a whole. They despise other Tribes like Locos or Demon Dogs who try to impose decisions and rule others simply because they are powerful.

What do you feel are some good points about the Mall Rats democratic way?

Victoria Spence (SALENE): “It brings law and order and makes sure everyone gets along”.

Dwayne Cameron: “The majority rules so more people will benefit. You get less disappointments”.

Ella Wilks (Danni): “I think it’s quite a good way to make decisions because it gives everyone a fair chance to decide how things should be done. Everyone gets a fair say. The majority wins, so most people are happy with the outcome”.

Jaimee Kaire-Gautalu (Chloe): “There is equality of opinions – and it’s fair”.

Michelle Ang (Tai-San): “Everybody gets a say and the decision reflects what most people are wanting. No one feels like their opinion doesn’t count. We all can talk and debate over the issue so we can take on board all sides of the argument”.

When decisions lead to arguments…

When everyone agrees on a decision, democracy works well. But it can cause problems when there is disagreement about what to do – people who don’t get their way can become resentful and disappointed…

One of the first tests of the Mall Rat’s democratic process was when Bray and Trudy turned up in episode 2 and asked if they could stay in the mall so Trudy could have her baby in safety.

The Tribe was split on what to do – Salene thought Bray and Trudy should be allowed to stay – after all, how could a baby be sent to live outside in the dangerous world? Lex led opposition to Bray and Trudy staying – what if the newcomers were Locos? Isn’t it crazy to let complete strangers – or spies – live in the Mall?

After a vote, there was a tie between those in favour of Bray and Trudy staying and those against. Amber was left with the deciding vote and a lot of pressure about the best course to take. Whichever way she voted would please some members of the Tribe – but anger and infuriate others who did not get their way…