The Tribe Christmas 2015

Series 4 Tribe Cast on Christmas

What does Christmas mean to you?

Meryl Cassie – Christmas for me is a time to celebrate with those closest to you, itπs the end of a great year, with lots of pressies (I hope)!!

Tori Spence – Hanging out with my close family and eating lots and swimming having barbecues.

Monique Cassie – Ist of all the birth of Jesus Christ. And a time when families came together from near or far.

Michael Wesley Smith Jack at Christmas treeJacinta Wawatai- It means family getting together, fun, celebration and presents.

Caleb Ross – Happiness and a time for family and friends.

Tom Hern – Jesus’ birthday – a family time.

James Napier – Family/friends.

Nick – Eating heaps of food and relaxing in the sun. (NZ has Christmas at the height of summer).

Michael – Family and big dinners.


What do you normally do on Christmas Day?

Meryl Cassie – We have a huge family lunch (feast, RAM (Tom Hern)which Mum provides with loads of friends, and family members.

Tori Spence – Wake up early with my sisters and open our stockings then our whole family goes to church, come back and open pressies, drinking, champagne and eating mince pies, then big lunch, chill and big dinner.

Monique Cassie – Spend it with my family and go and visit close friends and drop off pressies.

Jacinta Wawatai- Go to families places.

Tom Hern – Take it easy. A few beers and a BBQ.

Caleb Ross – Spend it with the above, usually have a big lunch/dinner.

James Napier – Celebrate.

Nick Miller Pride TribeNick – Usually my family goes out to a good restaurant for a lavish lunch.

Michael – Go to church then open pressies and drink champagne and eat mince pies.

What is the Best Christmas gift you ever gave?

Meryl Cassie – A trip to South Africa for my Mum!

Tori Spence – A montage of photos I gave to my friend!

Monique Cassie – A candelabra for my Mum and got all Megan’s Meryl’s, Miquilles and my name engraved on it oh and also Mum’s name (like a family tree) it was great!!

Jacinta Wawatai – A parcel full of love for my Mum.

Tom Hern – A big sloppy kiss to my Mum

monique cassie sivaCaleb Ross – A flag to my brother (he’s a sailor).

James Napier – A hug.

Michael – A dog

And the Best Christmas give you ever received?

Meryl Cassie – A beautiful Labrador Puppy from my Mum. She was gorgeous, I called her Whippy!

Tori Spence – A play cabin for my dolls when I was seven! And a trampoline.

Monique Cassie- There are so many I can’t remember. I think though the best one ever is always being with my family.

Jacinta Wawatai- Glass Dolly.

Tom Hern- I like everything I receive!

Caleb Ross- Stringy foam in a can.

James Napier – A hug!

Michael – A jet ski.

Your Favourite Christmas Movie?

Meryl Cassie Home Alone! (The first one).

Tori Spence Miracle on 34th Street.

Caleb Ross The Nightmare Before Christmas.

James Napier I don’t have one.

Michael Wesley Smith Miracle on 34th Street.

Monique Cassie I think Home Alone.

Caleb Ross LexJacinta Wawatai Jack Frost.

And Favourite Christmas Song?

Meryl Cassie There’s too many (Santa Claus is coming to town, Joyful, Jingle bells, there’s loads more.

Tori Spence God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

Caleb Ross Snoopy’s Christmas.

James Napier I don’t have one.

Michael Wesley Smith Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Monique Cassie Joy to the world.

Jacinta Mouse Tribe ChristmasJacinta Wawatai Deck the Halls.

Mmmm – Favourite Christmas Food?

Meryl Cassie Mum’s home cooked roast lunch.

Tori Spence Fruit Mince Pies.

Caleb Ross Turkey.

James Napier Potatoes.

Michael Wesley Smith Roast Chicken.

Monique Cassie Anything!

Jacinta Wawatai Fairy Bread.

Favourite Christmas Symbol? (for example, snowman, or christmas tree, holly, santa?)

Meryl Cassie Christmas tree all the way! With an angel on top. (You can’t get by without a christmas tree).

Victoria Spence SaleneTori Spence Christmas Tree in an aura of lights.

Caleb Ross Christmas tree.

James Napier Christmas tree.

Michael Wesley Smith Holly.

Monique Cassie The big star on top of a christmas tree, a Christmas Tree!

Jacinta Wawatai Candy cane.

What do you think your character might want for Christmas?

Meryl Cassie Man, she’d be too picky (ha ha) probably some cool shoes and gears, funky jewellery. (Maybe for everyone to leave her alone haha).

Tori Spence A photo of all her friends maybe some jewellery.

Caleb Ross Some kind of weapon to use against the new tribe.

James Napier A big hug!

Michael Wesley Smith A fishing rod and a new computer.

Monique Cassie More clothes and jewellery.

Jacinta Wawatai Books, pencils and a scooter.