Amber – Part 1

was a suburb that had it all. Beautiful gardens, treehouses, swimming pools, and a ‘village centre’ where glamorous mothers used to meet for coffee, manicures and gossip. Amber loved her home. She had an amazing bedroom with all mod cons – an ensuite bathroom, a walk-in wardrobe, a TV and VCR, a top of the … Continue reading Amber – Part 1

Mega – part 2

Mega was with him at the end. As his father’s breathing became slower and slower, Mega sat there and held Jackson’s hands. Hands that had once been so strong. Hands that had held Mega when he was a baby. These hands were now so frail, the skin paper-thin. Mega could see the veins underneath and … Continue reading Mega – part 2

Mouse And Charlie – Part 3

Mouse and Charlie headed into the city. They wanted to be back in their old stomping ground again, somewhere where they felt more comfortable. The streets were very different to how they remembered them. It was amazing how just a few months had changed things so much. All of the adults were gone, there were … Continue reading Mouse And Charlie – Part 3

Mouse And Charlie – Part 2

Aunt Abigail and Uncle Victor were really nice. Too nice actually. They always wanted to know where Charlie and Mouse were; they read them stories at bedtime and made sure they ate their veggies. Charlie and Mouse enjoyed the attention for a while and they definitely enjoyed Abi¹s cooking. Mum hadn¹t really been able to … Continue reading Mouse And Charlie – Part 2

Mouse And Charlie – Part 1

Jaclyn longed for her own children. She had come from a large family herself and enjoyed the company of kids. She loved their innocence, the fact that they would always tell you how things actually were, not how you wanted them to be. Jaclyn had missed out on affection from her own parents. Dad was … Continue reading Mouse And Charlie – Part 1