News: 2nd June 2003

Antonia / Calen / Jennyfer!! Three cast members celebrate their birthday’s this week. Calen(Mega) turns 20 on 3rd June, Antonia (Trudy) turns 19 on 6th June, and Jennyfer (Ellie) turns 19 on 7th June. We wish them all the best for a great day! You can send birthday wishes by email by clicking their name’s above. Dragon*Con Thanks … Continue reading News: 2nd June 2003

News: 6th September 2001

Atlantis High coming to Channel 5 in the UK – 3 days to go!! Are you ready??? Well you better be!!! This fantastic show, Cloud 9’s latest production, will commence broadcast on Channel 5, September 8th 2001 @ 2.15pm and every Saturday for 26 weeks after that. Click here for more details of Atlantis … Continue reading News: 6th September 2001

News: 3rd September 2001

Massive competition!!!! Drawn 3rd September!! announcing Winners!! This Guide News sees the announcement of the latest and greatest Tribe Competition … winners will receive the most awesome T-shirt and hat…they are Tribe products worn on the UK/German tour and autographed by Caleb Ross. The answer to the question: ‘Who does this blurred face belong to?’ is … Continue reading News: 3rd September 2001