Andy Series Series 3
Tribe The Mallrats


Ned`s younger brother is his sister Tally`s twin. Andy is quite an entrepreneur – he is always looking out for a good deal or to make a profit, even if this is by tricking someone in a scam.

KC becomes a bit of a role model for Andy. Andy deep down is good and cares for Ned and Tally – and will do what he can to try to make the New World order a good one; his loyalties will never be with the Chosen…

Cast Member

Name James Ordish Birthday 8th January 1989

Interests In his spare time James likes tap dancing, drama, singing, guitar, and soccer.

James is 12 years old. He has had drama lessons since the age of 5. James has had roles in theatre, television commercials, television drama and film.

James had a lead role in 1997 in a film called Murder House – coincidentally Amelia Reynolds also starred in the same film.