Day 5 and 6 The Tribe Tour 2002 – Bringing the Dream to the World

While the fabulous four (Caleb, Meryl, Michael and Victoria) are touring Europe, they’re sending us daily reports. Read up on how the tour is going and what they fab four are getting up to…

Tuesday 22 January 2002

We were up early for a nice breakfast and then into the coach heading for Munich Station to pick up two competition winners plus people from KIKA, ZDF and PUR and a documentary crew. The two winners were nervous but very excited!

We were supposed to head for the snow but there was hardly any left, it had all melted! So we went to the Go-Kart track and had lots of fun! Caleb won because he used to race when he was younger.

We then headed on to Bad Tølz and did some Ice Curling then a horse drawn sleigh ride through a bit of snow. Beautiful countryside, everyone was laughing and having fun!

We drove to a wooden lodge which was typically Bavarian and had wiener schnitzel, fries and salad followed by apple fritters and icecream. A fond farewell to the fans and we got back onto the coach for the drive to the hotel, a four hour drive! We listened to music on the way back, danced in the aisle and then curled up for a rest.

Wednesday 23 January 2002

Up early again for a four hour drive to Berlin Suburb. Some fans were waiting for us at the tv studio and they were all very excited. They took lots of photos!

Then we went into makeup and costume for the T.V show Reläxx. There were lots of kids dressed Tribally in the audience and an interpreter spoke to the cast through an earpiece so they could understand. A really good show. The cast and the audience danced to Abe Messiah at the end of the show.

Loads of fans arrived for autographs and photos and followed us to the coach. We stopped on our way back to have dinner at a steak-house and then drove five hours to Erfurt. We partied some of the way there but we were quite tired and decided to have a sleep before we got there.

We got to the hotel at 1.00am and went straight to bed, all exhausted but very happy about an exciting day.