The Tribe Tour 2002 – Bringing the Dream to the World Day 3 and 4

While the fabulous four (Caleb, Meryl, Michael and Victoria) are touring Europe, they’re sending us daily reports. Read up on how the tour is going and what they fab four are getting up to…

Meryl met some fans at Frankfurt Airport

Sunday 20 January 2002

Had a wonderful German breakfast and checked out of the hotel. We got into our full-size bus. It has leather couches at the end of it and a tv/video player and a cd player too. Drove to Frankfurt for a look around and went to a market. Skidding on the ice while we looked at the stalls. The girls liked the jewellery, Michael liked the soccer shirts and Caleb the antiques.

We were looking around when we were recognised by fans who went wild! We signed autographs and gave them some tribe merchandise and they took some photos.

We got back on the coach and headed for Stuttgart. Arrived there are 6.30pm. Gorgeous hotel. It was dark already and brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…cold! We ordered dinner and watched a movie then went to bed.

We’re all loving seeing a different way of life over here.

Monday 21 January 2002

We got up and had breakfast. Michael managed 5 or so glasses of juice! Then into the coach to travel to Gøppingen near Stuttgart to film a tv show for kids called “Tigerenenclub”.

We arrived to snow on the ground and some fans who had made a 5 hour drive to try and catch a glimpse of the cast! Into make-up but no costumes, as two fans had been chosen to meet the cast as themselves, not as characters. We did a 10 minute interview in front of a live audience of kids aged about 9-12 years old. Then we did a photo shoot for the book publishers followed by an autograph signing.

We headed back to the bus and drove through some beautiful villages and countryside. Lots of snow and ice. Meryl sat at the front of the coach and gave a “tour guide” style commentary! Very funny, lots of laughs.

We stopped for lunch and then headed off to Munich. We got a bit lost but it all added to the fun. We booked into our hotel on the 17th floor which gave a beautiful view of the mountains. We headed down to a cafe for something to eat and drink and then headed back to the hotel to prepare for our big day tomorrow.