Location Report – The Tribe Tour 2002 – Bringing the Dream to the World

While the fabulous four (Caleb, Meryl, Michael and Victoria) are touring Europe, they’re sending us daily reports. Read up on how the tour is going and what they fab four are getting up to…

Photos coming soon….

18 January 2002

Got on the plane at Auckland airport for the long flight to Singapore. What a bumpy flight!! But there were lots of movies to watch so that was good.

Arrived in Singapore at 8.30pm and boy was it humid! 35°c! and Tori said it was like being wrapped in a warm blanket. The drive to the hotel was beautiful – lots of sparkling lights and the city was buzzing. Checked in and ate a bowl of fries and then we went to bed.

19 January 2002

Woke up forgetting where we were! We had pancakes, french toast and fresh fruit for Brekky.

Meryl and Tori admired the jewellery in the hotel shop. Caleb and Mike told us about a weird gelatinous dessert they’d had. We got the coach to the airport and got on the plane after doing some shopping.

The longest flight ever to Frankfurt! We saw lots of snowy mountains and oil refineries. We arrived in Germany, 4°c, oooohhh, chilly. We were met by several screaming fans, and signed lots of autographs and photos. They’d been waiting at the airport for hours! After that we took the coach to the hotel and had a light supper. Plenty of laughter, everyone was delerious with tiredness.

We’re off to Stuttgart tomorrow (20th Jan) by private coach. Looking forward to seeing Germany.