Ebony Series Series 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Tribe The Locos and The Mallrats


Takes over the Loco’s after Zoot’s death, and if anything, is more ruthless and driven than her former chief.

Ebony can use both her powerful personality and her feminine charms to achieve her aims; namely to gain total control of the city.

Cast Member

Name Meryl Cassie

Birthday 2nd April 1984
Interests Chilling with friends, shopping, sunbathing, watching videos. Meryl loves to sing with her sisters Monique and Megan.

Meryl was 14 years old in Series I. She has trained in drama at the Young People’s Theatre and Nathan Homestead.

Her experience in front of the camera includes numerous photographic shoots as well as extra work on Hercules and Shortland Street.

Meryl loves to sing and does just that at every chance she gets. She has a band with her sister’s called the Nubian Angels.