Jack Series Series 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Tribe The Mallrats


Archetypal “brains”. Studious, intelligent and committed to finding a technological solution to their problems. It is Jack who is able to construct a basic generator to power the essentials for the group.

Inordinately vain about his scientific talent, Jack can be overbearing and dogmatic. He also passionately believes that some adults still exist who will lead them out of their present chaos.

His stubborn insistence on trying to communicate with those mythical grown-ups via his short wave radio, becomes almost a religious mania.

Cast Member

Name Michael Wesley Smith

Birthday 2nd December 1983
Interests Soccer, golf, relaxing in the sun, swimming, playing my playstation.

Michael was 15 years old in Series I. He has studied drama for four years at school and has taken several drama courses.

Michael has had roles in a number of radio plays for Radio New Zealand such as Yellow Bride and The Baby Farmer.

Michael was a member of the guest cast in the Cloud 9 production of The Legend of William Tell. He also played the lead role of Giles in Cloud 9’s production Atlantis High.