Halloween Tribe Special! Part Two…

Q: Do you like pumpkin pie?

Jennyfer Jewell (ELLIE): “Actually I’ve never tried it! It’s more of an American thing”.

Michelle Ang (TAISAN): “I’ve never tried it… but I don’t think so!!! Pumpkin in a pie??? Nah!!”.

Dwayne Cameron (BRAY): “It’s okay but I prefer blueberry pie”.

Ari Boyland (K.C): “To be honest I have never tried it”.

Amelia Reynolds (TALLY): “I have never tried it”.

Did you know between the 15th and 17th centuries, Europe was seized by a hysterical fear of witches, leading to the persecution of thousands of innocent women. Witches were thought to ride flying brooms and to assume the form of black cats. These images of witches soon joined other European superstitions as symbols of Halloween.

Q: What would you dress up as on Halloween?

Jennyfer Jewell (ELLIE): “This year, probably an axe murderer or a vampire. Something messy!”.

Michelle Ang (TAISAN): “A vampy vampire with fangs and lots of bloodŠ. or possibly something with cute little wings??”.

Dwayne Cameron (BRAY): “The Crow”.

Ari Boyland (K.C): “That dude off Scream”.

Amelia Reynolds (TALLY): “Definitely a devil!”.

Well, may everyone out there in Tribeworld have a great Halloween – and if you meet any flying or walking brooms, may they sweep you off your feet!

Keep the dream alive…