K.C Series Series 1, 2 and 3
Tribe Mallrats


Angelic, butter-wouldn’t-melt youngster, who in reality is a mischievious little brat, who will con, cheat, or steal anything he wants.

Streetwise, cocky and a very plausible liar, he caused endless discipline problems for Amber.

But Lex, who sees in KC a younger version of himself, takes him under his wing as his protege. The Artful Dodger to Lex’s Fagin

Cast Member

Name Ari Boyland
Birthday 10th August 1987

Interests Ari enjoys sports including soccer, basketball, flipperball, and rollerblading.

Ari was 12 years old in Series I. He has been in many theatrical and musical productions including the musical Oliver and the New Zealand Children’s Academy.