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‘Keeping The Dream Alive’ Limited Collector’s Edition


UPDATED DEC 12th 2011 – It is now no longer possible to order the collector’s edition version (which is autographed) of ‘Keeping The Dream Alive’ – but the GENERAL RELEASE paperback IS now available in all good book stores and online!


Below is an archive copy of when it was possible to order the collector’s edition version, for posterity…

 This is an exclusive opportunity for friends of The Tribe’s Official Facebook page or visitors to obtain a pre-release of this fascinating book by Raymond Thompson (creator and Executive Producer of The Tribe), which will go on general release from December 1st 2011 internationally – but we have a limited edition number of copies which are now available from for shipping from August 1st 2011!

You can order a copy at the bottom of this page (secured through Paypal).

Raymond has agreed to sign these pre-release copies (subject to availability).

It is important to be aware that this isn’t a Tribe novel but more of a memoir and is a must for any Tribe fan who is interested in the background story of how this unique series came into being and to discover previously unknown and fascinating insights about The Tribe (such as what really happened regarding the aborted series 6 and what was the real story behind The New Tomorrow).


This 315 page pre-release collectable edition includes never before released Tribe format, script along with The Tribe screenplay outtake extracts – as well as fascinating original photographs and sketches portraying make up from the production continuity sheets.

The book is a very intriguing read for anyone interested in the ‘behind the scenes’ of what life is like in the global motion picture and television industry, whether you are just a consumer or especially for those wishing to embark upon a career in the industry.  You’ll get some useful tips from this acclaimed producer as well as a unique and often humorous look into the fertile imagination of a writer and all that entails, and what life is like away from the red carpet and spotlight in the global world of motion pictures and television.

keeping-the-dream-alive-back-cover‘Keeping The Dream Alive’ in addition reveals how someone growing up on the wrong side of the tracks was able to journey to the glittering arena of Hollywood, providing an insight into how the one most likely to fail at school due to a special need battled against the odds, founding and overseeing a prolific independent television production company.

It’s the never before told non-fiction ‘story’ behind The Tribe and where it all emanated from in parallel to a personal quest of ‘Keeping the Dream Alive’ throughout the ups and downs of a long and successful career as a writer/producer, culminating in Raymond being in the New Years Honours List, recognised by Queen Elizabeth II for services to television.


* Please note. Raymond has authorised a SPECIAL PRICE giving you 20% off the RRP, meaning that you will pay $25.00 NZD for the book (inc. GST and taxes), plus postage. 

If you live in Australia or NZ then with postage and packing and delivery, this will cost NZD $33.55 inc GST in total using Economy post (i.e. $25.00 NZD for the book plus $8.55 packing and delivery) or NZD $34.55 using Fast Post (i.e. $25.00 NZD for the book plus $9.55 packaging and delivery).

If you live in the rest of the world, including postage and packaging and delivery, this will cost NZD $39.55 using Economy post (i.e. $25.00 NZD for the book plus $14.55 packaging and delivery) or NZD$41.55 using Fast Post (i.e. $25.00 NZD for the book plus $16.55 packaging and delivery).

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