Location Report – The week before filming – Tribe 5

The week before filming…

Filming of Tribe 5 starts on 28th October 2002. Many weeks of preparation with pre-production have gone in beforehand to get the series up and running and ready to go.

Next week the heat gets cranked up some more and the first out of town cast will be arriving in Wellington and getting settled into the cast house and the new cast will be learning to find their way around Wellington City.

Each cast member will be coming into the studios for Wardrobe fittings. In Wardrobe their new costumes will be made in a mock up of similar materials to the ones wanting to be used – and fittings will take place to check sizes and make sure the costumes are comfortable and easy to move in. After the cut is locked off then two or more exact copies will be made with the final fabrics.

Makeup also needs to be tested and finalised. Continuity is the first priority – when there is a break of a few months between series every effort is made to get the character looking as they did at the end of the last series.

Different hair styles might be trialed with new makeup and tribal markings to get the right feel for the character.

New ideas are also thought through and decided on by the Makeup Designer, Producer and Executive Producer for what makeup/hair changes the character might have in a few weeks time when they get a costume change.
All the younger kids that still attend school will meet their teachers and discuss what work they’ll be covering during filming, where they’ll be able to study and how much time needs to be spent doing schoolwork between takes.

Knowing your Character

New cast members will spend some of the week watching Tribe Videos – getting a feel for the series and watching where they’re going to be fitting into the storyline. Watching the videos gives them a good background of the show and helps them remember visually who each character is.

The Read Throughs – this is where the cast get their hands on the first set of scripts and do read throughs with the other characters in the scene and get advice and direction from a dialogue coach or even the producer. This gets old characters back into the feel and personality of their character and introduces new actors to their new personas.

Finally later in the week there is a “Meet and Greet” – this is a fairly informal get together of all the cast and crew over a few nibbles and drinks and everyone meets everyone else! It helps relax the nerves of the new cast and gives everyone a chance to meet new faces.


Meanwhile the internet team are gearing up to capture as much as possible while the cast are in town. They’re putting together interview questions, detailing video footage wanted from each of the cast, scripting idents, and organising for special behind the scenes filming on set – plus a few other surprises.

We hope to bring you lots of great footage and information from Tribe 5 over the coming weeks.

Until then – get ready world. Tribe 5 is on the wayŠ