Location Report – Tribe 5 – Week 1

The camera is positioned up
high ready for a take down below
at Hutt Park Raceway. Is that Michael?

Tribe 5 is into week 2 of production from Monday 4th November 2002 – BUT what happened last week in the production?

You’ll find out below!!

All the cast and crew are loving being back for Tribe 5. It’s been a busy first week of production and everything is going really well.

James Napier was in to chat on the Bulletin Board and he had a fantastic time. He loved chatting with you all and was blown away by all your questions!

More Behind the Scenes action was filmed so keep a look out for more downloads coming to the site soon.

The scenes

68 scenes were filmed from Monday to Friday this week, which made a total of 97 minutes of film.

The parallel unit was on on both Thursday and Friday and we hear that Damon Andrews (The Guardian) is thoroughly enjoying his new position as an Assistant Director for the parallel unit.

Vicky Rodewyk (Gel) had her first scene on Wednesday and Matt Robinson had his first scene on Friday.

The locations

Locations this week included Hutt Park Raceway, Petone Railway Yards, and our backlot at Whitemans Valley.

The Mall has had a makeover and there
were quite a few scenes shot here this week.

Make a start!

The earliest crew call this week was for the Unit – they had several 5.45am starts!

Crew call for everyone else this week was at 7.30am.

The earliest pick up for our cast was 5.30am for Michael Wesley Smith!!

Georgia Taylor-Woods (Brady) got the biggest sleep in with the latest pickup of 4.00pm.

The weather

Although the weather forecasts didn’t look very nice for the week the sun did shine (some of the time)!

Wellington has also been hounded for the past week with strong northerly winds which have caused a little chaos with the filming but apart from that, all is going well.

Here’s the record of the weather in week 1 of the production:

Monday 28th OctoberUnsettled with rain or showers at times and strong northwest winds
Tuesday 29th OctoberShowers clearing and becoming fine. Winds turning northerly
Wednesday 30th OctoberMorning showers clearing and becoming fine. Northerly winds
Thursday 31st OctoberFine with strengthening northerly winds
Friday 1st NovemberCloudy with a period of rain and strong northerly winds

Join us next week for another location report.

Stay Tribal!

Keep the Dream Alive…