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News: 10th June 2002

Tribe 4 coming to an end…

There are only six episodes left of Tribe 4!! Wow time flies!

So what is going to happen in the next six episodes? We know you’re all wondering and there are plenty of different scenarios. Don’t forget there are still two old faces to return…

What about Tribe 5? We have been swamped with emails asking us about Tribe 5. It’s all tight lipped at the moment so we can’t reveal anything just yet. But if you’re wanting to see Tribe 5 you should contact your local broadcaster to request it.

Fanclub Competition Winner!

Stephanie Wolf from Bayern in Germany has won the latest Fanclub Competition! She wins herself a goodie bag chock a block full of tribal gear!

Fans were asked to guess how many members there were in the Tribe Fanclub. Stephanie’s answer was 35,000 fans and this was the nearest guess. The Fanclub has just over that amount of members.

Congratulations Stephanie!!

UK Tribe 4 Exclusive!

Watch The Tribe this Saturday at 1.55pm on Channel 5. It’s on for an hour every Saturday!

Ebony and Jay run into the Eco-Tribe and Amber and Trudy take them back to camp. Trudy reminds Amber that a leopard never changes it’s spots and that Ebony should not be trusted.

Jay’s conscience catches up with him and he decides to return to the city to save Ved from Ram’s manipulation – Amber will join them.

Check out the latest plot synopsis for more sneak preview action

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