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News: 17th June 2002

Rumours of Tribe 5…

Wow it’s now Summer in the U.K and the birds and bees are flying – but rumours are flying around also about Tribe 5. Will there, or won’t there be a Tribe 5?

Tribe 4 has been a smash hit in the U.K and is being screened in other territories around the world. WAM! in the USA are planning on showing Tribe 4 very soon!!

We’ll let you know more about Tribe 5 soon…

U.K – Only 4 episodes left of Tribe 4!!

Counting down the minutes!! Sooooo much can happen in four episodes and things are really heating up. Did you see the kiss between Amber and Jay in the last episode? Woah!

What could happen in this little love triangle? Who is going to be returning and what impact is it going to have? Will Ram get to live forever? Will Jay and Ebony live happily ever?

You’ll have to wait and see…

WIN Tribe DVD’s and Tribe books!

Channel 5 have five sets of the two exicting Tribe books signed by Michael Wesley Smith (Jack), Caleb Ross (Lex), Meryl Cassie (Ebony) and Victoria Spence (Salene). The books are “Power and Chaos” and “Mallrats”.

They’ve also got a DVD Box Set to give away!

The overall winner will win a DVD box set (2 DVD’s) and two signed Tribe books. Four runners up will win two signed Tribe books each!

Check out the Channel 5 website to enter


Cloud 9’s latest production “Revelations – the initial journey” finished filming at the end of May. The series is now in post-production and looks set to hit Channel 5 screens later in the year.

Several Tribe cast make guest appearances throughout the series and synopsis and photos are available to look at on the official website

UK Tribe 4 Exclusive!

Watch The Tribe this Saturday at 1.55pm on Channel 5. It’s on for an hour every Saturday!

Ebony, Amber and Jay return to the city in disguise. They must hide from the cameras.

Meanwhile as soon as they’ve left the Eco camp the Techno’s attack and capture the Eco’s.

Check out the latest plot synopsis for more sneak preview action

Until next week,

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…