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News: 24th June 2002

Final Episode of Tribe 4 in the UK…

It looks like Channel 5 are postponing the final episode of Series 4 until 1.55pm Saturday 6th July 2002. Check out the latest Plot Synopsis Teaser to see what might happen in the last episode. The plot synopsis for the last episode will be up on the night of Sunday 30th June.

Tribe 4 repeats

Channel 5 will be repeating Tribe 4 over the summer holidays. It starts on July 22nd and will be airing from 9am-10am every week day!


A tentative date in October 2002 has been set for the airing of Revelations on Channel 5. We’ll keep you updated!

We’ll be holding back a few special downloads until after the final episode so as not to spoil it for everyone.

There will be some great behind the scenes footage with your favourite cast members including James Napier, Meryl Cassie, Tom Hern and Kelly Stevenson.

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