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News: 1st July 2002

Final Episode of Tribe 4 in the UK…

The final episode of Series 4 screens this Saturday 6th July at 1.55pm. Check out the latest Plot Synopsis Episode 51/52 to see what is going to happen in the last episode. email addresses

We are terminating our service with Bigmailbox which means that from August 1st there will no longer be email addresses.

We apologise for the inconvenience but there is still 3 weeks in which you are able to find another email service such as Hotmail or Yahoo.

Latest Fanclub Competition Winner!

Congratulations to our latest Fanclub Competition Winner – Alesha Henderson from Ledbury in the UK. The question was “How many episodes in total have been produced of The Tribe?” The answer of course is 208.

Again congratulations Alesha – your prize is in the mail.

Tribe Trivia Night!

A special Tribe Trivia night will be conducted on the Tribe Bulletin Board next week. There will be multichoice voting questions to test your knowledge of The Tribe. A new forum will be opened for Tribe Trivia. Below is a table showing what time it will be on in your country.

New Zealand 9.00am Monday 15th July
London 10.00pm Sunday 14th July
Los Angeles 2.00pm Sunday 14th July
New York 5.00pm Sunday 14th July
Israel 12.00am Monday 15th July
Helsinki 12.00am Monday 15th July
Berlin 11.00pm Sunday 14th July

A new game “Tribe Survivor” is coming soon…

New Stuff on Tribeworld!

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Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…