Tribe News

News: 12th September 2005

The New Tomorrow

Friday was the last day of filming on The New Tomorrow! Everyone is quite sad that the series has come to an end but everyone is also excited that it will be screening soon! The cast and crew have had a fantastic time and are all very keen for there to be a Series 2! We’ll have to wait and see!

The first episode of The New Tomorrow will be screening on Seven in Australia on 17th September from 11.00am – 12.00pm. It will also be screening on Shake on FIVE on Sunday’s from 2nd Oct at 11.05am!

The new website will be up by 17th September – here’s the link – keep an eye on it!!

The Tribe in America!
The Tribe series has gone into syndication in America! This means that the series will be going directly to local stations for broadcast. The series will premier on September 3rd! The countdown is on – visit the new website and find out which station is broadcasting near you! The USA site is full of series 1 information