Tribe News

News: 14 February 2001

Tribe Tour info

On Saturday 17th February Beth Allen (AMBER), Caleb Ross (LEX) and Meryl Cassie (EBONY) fly out from New Zealand with members of the Cloud 9 team to Europe for the Tribe tour!

We have some more details here. The main focus of the Tribe tour is the launch of The Tribe in Germany on “Kika” – and there is a huge launch planned. The Tribe is due to start broadcasting to Germany’s 80 million people from April this year.

During the Tribe cast’s visit to Europe, they will spend most of their time in Germany and have interviews with journalists, magazines, newspapers, television and radio lined up.

They are due to visit major cities like Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Berlin, and Dusseldorf over a two week period. There will also be some time for sightseeing and enjoying the beautiful places and tourist attractions Germany has to offer.

As you may know, there have been two previous Tribe tours to the UK before – and this latest Tribe tour will have some time for the cast in the UK for more interviews. There will also be some walkabouts and opportunities to meet members of the public and fans…

We’ll have more news and updates on the Tribe tour as it happens…

Not the end of the world

Last weekend there was the “Armageddon” Sci-fi festival in Auckland at the Aotea Centre – which included the Tribe – and over 20,000 people visited the exhibition – as well as some stars and celebrities from popular sci-fi culture shows like Dr Who, Stargate, Xena, and more!

Well Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN), Caleb Ross (LEX) and Meryl Cassie (EBONY) were there at a special Tribe stand – where fans could come up for a chat and autographs were signed.

When the exhibition opened, there was a cue of over 2,000 people stretched over 1.5 blocks of the city!

The Tribe cast had a good time and performed two songs from the new Tribe album, which was met with much acclaim.