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News: 14th January 2002

Tribe 4 massive – it’s official

Tribe 4 has had a massive reaction since it premiered in the UK on Channel 5 from January 5th. Ratings have been excellent showing that The Tribe goes from strength to strength with its growing and devoted fans who enjoy the show.

We had a poll last week on Tribeworld which asked “what do you think of Tribe 4” and of those viewers who have seen the show so far, a huge 95% responded “Love it!” about Tribe 4 and a tiny minority were critical.

We believe Tribe 4 is truly the very best Tribe series so far and it has some amazing new characters, a fabulous storyline and takes the series to unprecedented levels. There’s some really great drama taking place in the show so keep watching or you’ll miss out. You can have a sneak peak in the Plot Synopsis section…

For Tribe fans who haven’t yet seen Tribe 4 in other countries, if 95% of UK fans love it then we’re sure you will too! We hope Tribe 4 will show in your country too and to make sure you get it sooner than later, why not contact your broadcaster today and say “bring it on”!

Tick tock, tick tock – Europe, get ready!

The clock is ticking till the amazing Tribe Tour to Europe! Yep, on 18th January, none other than Caleb Ross (LEX), Michael Wesley-Smith (JACK), Meryl Cassie (EBONY) and Tori Spence (SALENE) hop on a plane for the long flight to Europe!

The Tribe Tour 2002 will involve absolutely loads of media interviews with television, radio, printed press, web and other forms of media, public appearances – and more!

We’ll be having a full and daily hook-up with the Tribe cast on their tour right here on so you can keep updated with their movements and what they’re up to.

So Europe – get ready! Who needs monetary union? The biggest thing to happen in January 2002 is the Tribe Tour to Europe. Watch this space for further details…

Well done, well done!

We had truckloads of entries to the bumper Christmas competition here on Tribeworld where the top prize was to meet the cast and have lunch with them during their tour when they stop-over in London.

Congratulations to Callissa Caffull of the UK for winning a special lunch with Caleb, Michael, Meryl and Tori during their promotional tour of Europe! The two runners up are Lotte Peters of Germany and Stan Basham of the USA who will both receive a copy of the Tribe music videos.

By the book!!

Since printing was invented in the 15th century, there have been many celebrated books – and now, some more Tribe books in are to be released!!

Ooooh yeah! Sit back and imagine reading a diary form book written by Amber about The Tribe – because that’s the first book all about series 1 of The Tribe, written from “Amber’s perspective” and the book is called “Beautiful New World”.

Another book will be published about series 2 of The Tribe, a video diary “written” by the Mall Rats called “Between Hope and Anxiety”.

These books are published in February 2002 – get your fingers ready to grab those copies – and will be published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Happy reading…

Until next news session,

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…