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News: 21st January 2002

The Tribe Tour 2002 – Bringing the Dream to the World!

The fabulous four, Caleb Ross, Meryl Cassie, Michael Wesley Smith and Victoria Spence have arrived in Germany and were greeted by screaming fans at Frankfurt airport!

They have an incredibly busy schedule during their tour and we’ll be bringing you an exclusive diary from the “Fab Four” in the Location Report over the next three weeks. This daily diary will follow them through their media interviews, public appearances and more! So keep checking in to find out where they are and what they’re doing.

By the book!!

Since printing was invented in the 15th century, there have been many celebrated books – and now, some more Tribe books in are to be released!!

Ooooh yeah! Sit back and imagine reading a diary form book written by Amber about The Tribe – because that’s the first book all about series 1 of The Tribe, written from “Amber’s perspective” and the book is called “Beautiful New World”.

Another book will be published about series 2 of The Tribe, a video diary “written” by the Mall Rats called “Between Hope and Anxiety”.

These books are published in February 2002 – get your fingers ready to grab those copies – and will be published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Happy reading…

“Tribe Spirit”

We’ve had hundreds of requests asking about the new Tribe song on the end titles of Tribe 4. The new song is called “Tribe Spirit” and it has an Tribal African feel to it. Because of all the requests we’ve put Tribe Spirit up in the downloads section so everyone can listen to it, and we’ve put the song lyrics in as well!

Until next news session,

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…