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News: 1st February 2002


As you may be aware, the Tribe cast are now in the UK on the next part of their tour in Europe. That’s right! None other than LEX (Caleb Ross), SALENE (Tori Spence), JACK (Michael Wesley-Smith) and EBONY (Meryl Cassie) are now in the UK!

The cast arrived in London and have an amazingly busy schedule ranging from television appearances to be filmed (for Channel 5’s “The Core”, for BBC1’s “Live and Kicking”, filming with the CBBC crew) to loads of radio interviews, magazine and newspaper interviews (for example, with “Sugar” and “Just Seventeen” magazines), photo-shoots – the cast are here, there, and everywhere!

The cast are also lunching with the winners of the special and competitions from Christmas – well done to Callissa Caffull and Ben Newstead – and also lunches with the winners of a Channel 5 competition.

It is busy, busy, busy but there is also time for shopping at some of the great shops in London and before the cast return to NZ, there is a visit to Paris and Disneyland Paris (have fun guys!).

There is also the big public appearance on 2nd February at Starcity which is on Watson Road, Birmingham B7 (located near Junction 6 of the M6) – see for directions. Be there if you can at 1.30 pm!


That’s right, we have exclusive and full coverage of the Tribe Tour here on the home of The Tribe, If you visit then you can visit some special pages with exclusive photos, cast diary accounts and itinerary details of where the cast are, what they’ve been up to and more!

If you have a photo taken or meet the cast, why not let us know and send us details to – we’ll be putting photos up on Tribeworld for all to see!


Ooooo we like this one! We have a newsflash with details about the release of The Tribe in the UK on DVD and VHS!

The DVD/VHS is released on Monday 25th March 2002! Who needs Easter eggs at that time of year? Hope the Easter Bunny brings me some Tribe DVDs!

The first DVD and VHS releases are:

DVD 1 – Episodes 1-4 with a Special DVD Feature documentary “The Making of The Tribe”
DVD 2 – Episodes 5-9 Special DVD Feature = “Interactive character guide of The Tribe”

We’ll have more information on the DVD and VHS release in the very near future – so watch this space for more details – and in the meantime, get your DVD and VHS players ready!

UK Exclusive News

Oh yeah! There’s something big about to go off in the next Tribe episode in the UK! There’s something that will make a big bang at the hotel where Ebony and RAM are staying! Lex finds something unexpected – and Pride too. Someone is about to get more than they ever bargained for. It’s dramatic and exciting – don’t miss the next Tribe 4 episode on at 12.00 noon this Saturday 26th and 12.00 noon Sunday 27th!

USA Exclusive News

A marathon – can you last the pace? We’re not talking about a running race marathon here around a big city? Oh no – we’re talking Tribal Marathon!

That’s right – in a few weeks’ time there is going to be a fantastic Tribal Marathon on WAM! in. the USA where you viewers will be able to vote on what to watch! It’s interactive and sounds great. We’ll advise more details soonŠ

Have you heard?

There’s been some fantastic new stuff up on Tribeworld lately including a new download interview with Meryl Cassie (EBONY), some fantastic new photos to check out, a new Tribestyle about JAY from the Technos, a new Worldview, a new Pre-Tribe also about Tribe 4’s JAY, a new competition, new plot synopsis updates, and lots more!

To find out what is new just visit

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