Tribe News

News: 17th July 2003

Tribe Saturday!

Tribe Saturday is back!! This is a great time to be holding a Tribe Party! Tribe 5 is hotting up and there’s only a few more weeks left of the series.

Tribe Saturday is an excuse for you to have your own Tribal party! You can get a gang of friends around and get your tribal gears and make-up on whilst you listen to the Abe Messiah CD. Tribe Saturday isn’t limited to a Saturday – you can have a Tribe Party any time you like!!

– Dress up in Tribal costume
– Download some Tribe recipes
– Send away for some Tribal Tatoos
– Make Tribal Drinks
– Sing to the Tribe album
– Take some photos for us and be in to win some cool prizes!

To receive a link to our Party Pack – send a blank email to

Tribe Fanclub

Are you a member of the Tribe Fanclub? It’s absolutely free to join! Here’s what you’ll get:

1. Regular Tribe newsletters via e-mail each week to keep members updated with all the latest info

2. Competitions exclusive to Fan Club members with special prizes (ranging from autographed pictures to special Tribe goodies like T-shirts, signed scripts from the series).

3. Bonus random prizes for lucky Fan Club members – for example, lucky members (picked at random by our computer) will get a telephone call from one of the cast on their birthday!

4. Opportunities to buy special limited edition Fan Club only goodies and merchandise that is not available to anyone else, anywhere in the world.

5. For goodies that are available to non-Fan Club members, if you are in the Fan Club then you will receive special offers and discounts.

6. You will also get your own personal Tribe Fan Club membership number, that is unique to you.
This is free to join – all you do is fill in a form in the How to Join section of the Fan Club Section